Your fitness, your plan

Your health and fitness is exactly that, yours. Lifestyle, commitments and current health all play a part in how you reach your fitness goals. That's why we value and treat you as an individual from your first visit.

Each plan we create is unlike the last, keeping you and us on our toes. As with all things Fitforlife, the personal touch is the trick. It all starts with a 30 minute discovery session. We explore your experiences, current situation, fitness likes and dislikes and vision for your fitness future. We aim to make every single session as enjoyable and effective as possible and that begins with you.

Fitforlife is as unique as our clients' goals. That's why everything is tailored to you, from the personal trainer you work with to the type and time of your sessions.

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3 months

  • 1x Personal Training Session per week
  • 3 Group sessions per week
  • Dietary guidance
  • Weekly measures/weigh-ins
  • Personal exercise plan & workouts

For anyone already committed and self motivated but wants to kick-start the process quickly and effectively. Great for re-invigorating mind and body, whilst accelerating you towards those results.


3 months

  • 2x Personal Training Sessions per week
  • 4 Group sessions per week
  • Personal Dietary analysis
  • Nutritional guidance/support/advice
  • Weekly measures/weigh-ins
  • Body Mass analysis

Our signature package, for anyone with larger goals but no idea how or where to start. If you’ve tried and failed countless times before and are lacking motivation and self confidence with exercise, this one’s for you!

Pure PT

3 months

  • 2x Personal Training Sessions per week
  • Dietary analysis and nutrition planning
  • Specific vitamins & supplements advice
  • Monthly tests/measures/weigh-ins
  • Personal exercise/fitness planning

Perfect for anyone short on time or for specialist training towards your particular sport. Clear and simple, making it easy to tailor to your needs and goals.

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Book a complimentary personal session to discuss your goals and suitability for one of our programmes and together decide on the best options for you.

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Designing success

Our unique personal training packages are simply the best way to get amazing results.

Whether you're looking to train for a marathon, lose weight or just feel fantastic about yourself, our signature three month packages are a great starting point.

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