Which type of exercise is best for your health?

by Rachael Peddie-Temple News Fitness

Which type of exercise is best for your health?

There’s been a lot of discussion as well as TV programs and column inches dedicated to exercise lately. Studies indicating all sorts of ‘answers’ to which sort or type of exercise is best for you. So what’s the answer?

As you’ll probably have heard the answer is a combination of pulse raising activity, working with resistance and challenging your coordination/balance.

At this point I want to turn off! Why? Of course in this line of work I’m really very interested in the findings, however the point they often leave out is that we really need to do something that interests us, and we find enjoyable!


Try a variety of sports, group sessions, classes, and activities to find what you like, then try to make sure you’re incorporating a little of all the factors required. It’s a lot like nutrition, just because someone tells you porridge is good for you doesn’t men you’ll enjoy porridge more than you did yesterday, (especially if quite frankly it sickens you!). Find a way of making it work for you. This is where if you are unsure, working with a good PT can be beneficial, we can introduce you to a variety of activities or exercises in a safe and supportive way, even just arranging a chat to look at your options can get you headed in the right direction.

Gyms and salad aren’t the only options! The world’s your oyster (or any other type of food you prefer!). Just do something, make a start, ask for help or think about what you’ve always wanted to try and go for it!

Quote chalk think words
  1. Don’t be scared to try something new, everyone was a beginner once!
  2. Be honest with yourself about what you’ve tried and don’t like doing - you’re unlikely to stick at something you don’t enjoy.
  3. Think outside the box. If what you usual do isn’t working, maybe it’s time to find something new.
  4. Do you work well in a social group? Maybe a team or class is worth a try? If not it might be worth brushing up on your solo sports or workouts, ask for help if you need it. It’s important to get the moves right!
  5. A lot of people respond well to having someone expecting them, like an appointment. Could you train with friends? Sign up to a session where you’ll be expected and welcomed?
  6. If you’ve made the decision that you’re going to do something, get started, walk, swim, dance - just get started. Don’t lose that momentum, it will be worth it!

To keep yourself healthy the first step is to just get moving, then you can start thinking about step two!