Salad Season!

by Rachael Peddie-Temple Nutrition

Salad Season!

Summer weather often makes us think of lighter foods and salad. I know we also associate salad with weight loss. The problem is that unless we put the right stuff in the salad they can end up either completely bereft of nutritional value or completely loaded with the unnecessary fats!

The standard side salad is very heavy on the iceberg lettuce which lacks in all major minerals, but is cheap to provide in restaurants etc. The more nutritious vegetables are served in the smallest possible quantities. Also the dressings are very heavy in oil or fats, and usually laden down with it.

The whole appeal of salad however is the idea that it’s fresh, light, healthy, nutritious and tasty.


So what’s could you put in a salad - Almost anything! If you want your salad to really help your body out you want to make sure you’re packing in the vitamins and minerals, so make sure you have loads of colour.

-As a general rule the brighter or stronger the colour of natural fruit and veg:the higher the level of vitamins and minerals.

-Eat the Rainbow - You want to have as many colours in there as possible as the different colours indicate the different vitamins and minerals are present. Vegetables provide your minerals and fruit your vitamins, so why not add some of both to your salads? Mango, apple, even orange go really well in salads.

-Don’t forget the protein and carbohydrate! If your salad isn’t a side dish it still needs the same food groups as a main meal, chicken, mackerel, feta cheese, cous cous, pasta. Just be careful with the portion size.

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