Making time for you . . . Life Hacks!

by Rachael Peddie-Temple News

Making time for you . . . Life Hacks!

A late night last night has left me a bit tired today. It’s entirely my own fault for not looking after myself! With work and family commitments can make it hard to find quality time for yourself. I for one forget my food, skip relaxation time, prioritise on the families appointments and needs and sideline my own and try to squash my workouts in between other things! Sound familiar? Maybe you’ve been intending to do something for yourself for ages, but just find the time? However if you take a little time to look after yourself you’ll perform better in all aspects of your life. Of course we all know it’s down to organisation and planning so here’s a few ideas to think about, that might just make it possible or easier …

Make it happen
  1. Prepare food, drinks and bags the night before - it’ll save you so much rushing about the next morning … (ok so it’s obvious, but it’s a good one!)

  2. If you plan to exercise have a look at where it will fit into your day best. Could you do it before breakfast, or maybe do another job before breakfast to allow time for a class later in the day? (Getting the housework, paperwork or even walking the dog completed early in the day allows time later)

  3. Be mindful of your time out … it’s too easy to forget that if you’re finally sitting down (maybe at the end of the day) that although it’s a busy day this is your time out! Choose to watch something that you want on the TV or turn the TV off and read, relax, stretch … do something for you! It’s easy to forget that you’ve had time out if you don’t think of it as your time to relax.

  4. Be kind to yourself and be honest about what you can fit in or take on. It’s easy to become time inefficient because you’ve over committed, you’d be more productive admitting that something has to be planned in for another day. (Very easy to acknowledge but not so easy to do - however if you make it a policy you stick to it can reduce your stress levels no end. Prioritise the important tasks, and stick to them)

  5. Remember the importance of sleep. A lack of sleep will cause you so many problem, from problems with weightloss/gain to concentration loss and mental health issues. Take this into consideration in your planning. What time do you want to go to bed? Give yourself time to come down from your day and relax before you attempt to sleep … you want to be energised for tomorrow!
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