Impressed by YOU

by Rachael Peddie-Temple News Fitness

Impressed by YOU

I’ve been blown away by our clients recently, the commitment and focus they bring to the studio are just awesome! As a proud PT I’m going to showcase a few of them on the blog over the next few weeks because they need to be recognised for their achievements.

Today I’m starting with Tracey-Anne.

Tracey-Anne started with Fitforlife from basics, there was a level of fear for new exercises and intensity which she has attacked and conquered with style! One example was the use of suspension training equipment. This core centred and balance based equipment requires a high level of focus and control to master, and is very challenging (and can be quite scary!). Anyone who’s tried suspension training will testify to that. Every exercise uses multiple muscle groups and is constantly demanding of the core for stability.

Tracey-Anne started using the suspension trainers in her Personal Training sessions and progressed to confident performances in the suspension training group sessions, and then she took it up to a higher level again back in PT. The persistence and focus resulted in fabulous strength and control as you can see in this clip …

Tracey-Anne is demonstrating a straight plank, jack plank, pike and press up combination, all with her feet in the straps and her hands on a pair of kettle bells! Wow! (click on the blue link for the clip)

Tracey Anne Demo Clip

Now that’s one hell of a way to overcome a fear!

Here Tracey-Anne is demonstrating a single leg plank, pike, mountain climber and leg lift … One Leg! Fabulous!


So here’s to dedication, and to you Tracey-Anne!