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  • Did you eat your breakfast?

    Did you eat your breakfast?

    As a working parent it can be very difficult to find time to focus on your needs. I often find it difficult to prioritise my nutrition as I worry about everyone else first. I also know if I don’t eat a sensible breakfast the rest of the day can be a struggle in a nutritional sense, I end up feeling like I could eat anything and everything (the contents of the fridge between two slices of bread sounds about right!). However making sure I eat breakfast has been a struggle lately. It was when I was speaking to a friend I realised the glaringly obvious - why wasn’t I taking my own advise? It always comes down to organisation at some level, so I sat down and thought about what I needed to make my morning routine work more smoothly … Time is always a factor, as is general brain function (as I really am not a morning person). So I need to make this all as simple as possible, and find a way to make a better start to my day.

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  • Dressed for the weather?

    Dressed for the weather?

    It doesn’t matter if you’re running, walking or cycling, if the weather is cold you’ll need gloves and a hat … you can always take them off if you get too warm. Dress in layers so that you can unzip, or remove a jacket if you’re over cooking! However if you’re too cold you’ve got a problem you can’t solve. Today I had a thermal base layer, short sleeve tshirt, running tights, a flourecent gilet and a thin hat - I was fine!

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  • Feeling Hungry?

    Feeling Hungry?

    You shouldn’t be hungry all the time, health is about eating right rather than eating less, but do you feel hungry all the time? Do you feel hungry again not long after you’ve eaten? They’re quite a regular problems, and things we hear quite often. Here’s a few things to think about if you don’t think you’re getting it right. Why are you hungry?

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  • Cancer Reasearch is saying that obesity has now been proved to be second only to smoking as a cancer risk

    Cancer Reasearch is saying that obesity has now been proved to be second only to smoking as a cancer risk

    Have you seen the news that studies have shown that obesity is linked to cancer? Cancer research has had quite a backlash to these adverts, and have been accused of fatshaming. What do you think?

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  • Back to normal now?

    Back to normal now?

    Did the Beast from the East set back your health and fitness goals? It’s tough to stay active in cold weather at the best of times, but a thick layer of snow not only puts most of us off exercising outdoors, it also can make it difficult to eat well. I certainly felt like loading up the carbs and hybernating at times over the last few days! So what can we do to make sure we get it right and feel good at the same time during the colder more miserable weather?

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  • Snow Running

    Snow Running

    A Canadian contact suggested I try snow grips. I’d never even considered these for running in before so I dug mine out and gave them a try! Have you tried them for walking? They’re essentially a light weight mini crampon for street use, or on trails. Nothing too extreme.

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  • What's all the fuss about Water?

    What's all the fuss about Water?

    As more and more research is being conducted into the benefits of hydration, and the damaging effects of dehydration we’re all hearing more and more about how we should drink more water!  My Grandmother used to ask why we should be more concerned about drinking so much water when previous generations didn’t. 

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  • Welcome to our New Blog

    Welcome to our New Blog
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